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Pre-Medicine - Accelerated Program, Biochemistry (BA)

This Accelerated Program concentration is only for qualified Pathways Honors students who are majoring in Biochemistry (BA), and who have been accepted into an accelerated 3+ College of Science and Health pre-professional program. In order to pursue this pre-professional Accelerated Program concentration, students must coordinate carefully with their Pre-Health Advisor and the Pre-Health Advising Committee's (PAC) Accelerated Program advisor (email for information). Students may declare this concentration once accepted into an accelerated program.

Students formally accepted into this Accelerated Program will complete their fourth year of coursework at Rosalind Franklin University of Science and Medicine (RFUMS) and apply the credit toward their Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry at DePaul. Students must apply for degree conferral via Campus Connect by the deadline outlined in the Student Handbook in order to be considered a candidate for earning their Bachelor of Arts degree at the conclusion of their fourth year of study. Depending on the program in question, some combination of Liberal Studies Program courses, Biochemistry (BA) major requirements, and open electives will be fulfilled by professional degree courses. To avoid earning duplicate credit for some courses, students must meet regularly with their Pre-Health Advisor. Please visit the Pathways Honors Program site for more information about eligibility requirements.

Courses from the first year of the RFUMS program will be automatically transferred as a block of credit. Given the nature of the Accelerated Program, most, if not all, of a student’s complete first year or coursework at RFUMS will transfer back to DePaul during what would be considered their fourth year or ‘senior year’. The senior residency requirement will continue to be automatically waived for them, and they will earn at least 192 credit hours.

Course Title Quarter Hours
Select one of the following:4
CHE 300
CHE 320
CHE 321

At the end of the first year at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science a block of 44 credit hours will be transferred to DePaul to complete the BA degree with 192 credit hours.

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