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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mission Statement

Our Foundation:

  • Students, faculty and staff need to feel secure to learn and supported to thrive.
  • Education and scientific progress are enhanced by a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Inclusive communities embrace individuals of all race/ethnicities, gender identities, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, sexual orientation, and national origin.

Our Charge:

In alignment with the CSH DEI statement,

  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and is conducive to the success of all members of the DePaul Biology community.
  • Support the development and use of inclusive teaching and mentoring practices so that all students have the opportunity to achieve their goals.
  • Identify and address systemic barriers that prevent equitable academic outcomes for students from communities traditionally underrepresented in STEM.
  • Advocate to expand representation of communities traditionally underrepresented in STEM in our faculty and staff, and foster an environment that supports their success.
  • Acknowledge and learn from historical and ongoing misuses of the field of biology that perpetuate social inequities.

Our Acknowledgement

  • Our society has created structural barriers that marginalize subsets of people; if we fail to address such barriers, we are complicit in the harm they inflict.
  • The field of biology has been used to disenfranchise and oppress people based on a flawed understanding of race, gender, sexuality, and other aspects of our identities.
  • In recognition of the unjust displacement of Native peoples from this area, we affirm a commitment to DePaul University's Land Acknowledgment.