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Douglas O’Roark

  • AIM TRU Project Director
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  • STEM Studies
  • (773) 325-4790

Doug O'Ro​ark leads the AIM-TRU Project for DePaul's STEM Center, in collaboration with Montclair State University, SUNY Buffalo, and Math for America. This NSF Sponsored project studies cohorts of Chicago Public School teachers as they analyze and implement Formative Assessment Lessons, high quality math materials published by the Math Assessment Project. He teaches graduate education courses and undergraduate mathematics courses at DePaul, and serves as the Executive Director of the Math Circles of Chicago, the largest free math enrichment program in the world. Previously he led the Secondary Math component of the UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program and was the first teacher hired at Payton College Prep. He was awarded the Radio Shack National Teacher Award, the MAA’s Sliffe Award for Distinguished Math Teaching, and the ICTM Rine Secondary Math Teaching Award. Both the City of Chicago Math League and Payton Prep have awards named in his honor.