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Sheldon Cotler

  • Emeritus
  • ​​​PhD​​​       
  • Psychology
  • (773) 325-4257
  • ​​​Byrne, Room 525​​
PhD, Southern Illinois University, 1966
MA, Southern Illinois University, 1964
BA, Northwestern University, 1961 

Major Areas of Interest
  • Socialization of children and adolescents
  • Child and family therapy
  • Evaluation of community interventions
  • Medical decision-making and compliance with treatment
  • Socialization and adjustment of children in family, peer and academic settings
  • Program evaluation in applied settings
Representative Sample of Publications
Cotler, S.J.. Cotler, S., Gambera, M., Benedetti, E., Jensen, D.M., & Testa, G. (2003) “Adult Living Donor Transplantation: Perspectives from 100 Liver Transplant Surgeons”. “Liver Transplantation”, 9, 637-644.

Cotler, S. J., Patil, R., McNutt, R. A., Speroff, T., Banaad-Omiotek, G., Ganger, D. R., Rosenblate, H., Kaur, S., Cotler, S., & Jensen, D.M. (2001). “Patients’ Values for Health States Associated With Hepatitis C and Physicians’ Estimates of Those Values”. ”The American Journal of Gastroenterology”, 9 (9), 2730-2736.​