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Linda Camras

  • Emerita
  • ​​​​​PhD​       
  • Psychology
  • (773) 325-4261
  • ​​​Byrne Hall, Room 535​​​       
PhD Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 1975
BA Psychology, University of Chicago, 1970

Major Areas of Interest
  • Social and emotional development
  • Cross cultural studies of emotional expression 
  • Cross cultural studies of parenting
  • Development of facial expressions

Representative Sample of Publications

Camras, L. A. (In press). Emotional Development across the Lifespan. NY: Guilford.

Empirical Articles
Pollak, S. D., Camras, L. A., & Cole, P. M. (2019).Progress in understanding the emergence of human emotion. Developmental Psychology, 55,1801-1811.

Campos, J., Camras, L., Lee, R., He, M. & Campos, R. (2018). A relational recasting of the principles of emotional competence. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 15 (6), 711-727.

Camras, L. A. & Halberstadt, A. G. (2017).  Emotional development through the lens of Affective Social Competence.  Current Opinions in Psychology, 17, 113 – 117.

Camras, L. A., Sun, K., Fraumeni, B. & Li, Y. (2017). Interpretations of parenting by Mainland Chinese and U.S. American children. Parenting:  Science and Practice, 17(4), 262-280.

Walle, E., Reschke, P. Camras, L. A., & Campos, J. ( 2017). Infant differential behavioral responding to discrete emotions.  Emotion, 17(7), 1078-1091.

Castro, V. L., Camras, L. A., Halberstadt, A.G. & Shuster, M.M.   (2017).  Children's prototypic facial expressions during emotion-eliciting conversations with their mothers.  Emotion 18(2), 260-276.

Shuster, M., Mikels, J. & Camras, L. A. (2017). Adult age differences in the interpretation of surprise facial expressions. Emotion,17(2), 191 – 196.

Book Chapters
Camras, L. A. (In press). How do emotions develop in children?  In A. Scarantino (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Emotion Theory. Routledge Publishing Co.

 Camras, L. A. (2019). Facial expressions across the lifespan. In V. LoBue, K. Perez-Edgar, & K. Buss (Eds.) Handbook of emotional development (pp. 83-103). Cham, Switzerland:

Shuster, M., Camras, L. A., Grabell, A., & Perlman, S. (2020). Faces in the wild: A naturalistic study of children's facial expressions in response to an Internet prank. Cognition & Emotion, 34(2), 359-366.

Camras, L. A., Castro, V. L., Halberstadt, A. G., & Shuster, M. M. (2017).  Spontaneously produced facial expressions in infants and children.  In J. Russell & J. M. Fernadez Dols (Ed.) The Psychology of Facial Expressions, 2nd ed. (pp. 279 – 296), NY:  Oxford University Press.

 Camras, L. A., Fatani, S., Fraumeni, B. & Shuster, M. (2016).  The development of facial expressions:  Current perspectives on infant emotions.  In Barrett, L. F. Lewis, M., & Haviland-Jones, J. (Eds.) Handbook of Emotions, 4rd ed.(pp. 255 – 271). Guilford Publishing.

 Camras, L. A., Shuster, M., & Fraumeni, B. (2014).  Emotion socialization in the family with an emphasis on culture. In L. Nucci (Series Ed.) & K. Lagattuta (Vol. Ed.), Contributions to Human Development: Children and Emotion:  New Insights into Developmental Affective Science (pp. 67 – 80). Basel, SWZ: Karger Publishing
Professional Associations

Association for Psychological Science, Fellow​​