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Kathryn Grant

  • Professor, Clinical Psychology; Vincent DePaul Professor
  • PhD​​​ ​​​​
  • Psychology
  • (773) 325-4241
  • ​​​Byrne, Room 526​​​       
PhD, University of Vermont, 1995

Major Areas of Interest
  • Understanding the effects of stressful life experiences on young people
  • Developing interventions that protect youth from negative stress effects
Representative Sample of Publications
Note: Student co-authors are indicated with a “+”

+Heissel, J. A., Sharkey, P., +Torrats‐Espinosa, G., Grant, K. E., & Adam, E.K. (2018). Violence and vigilance: The acute effects of community violent crime on sleep and cortisol. Child Development, 89, e323-e331. 

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+Dinizulu, S., Grant, K. E., Bryant, F., +Boustani, M. M., +Tyler, D., & McIntosh, J. M. (2014). Parent-adolescent relationship quality and nondisclosure as mediators of the association between exposure to community violence and psychological distress. Child and Youth Care Forum, 43, 41-61.

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