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Joanna Buscemi

  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology
  • PhD
  • Psychology
  • 773-325-2971
  • ​Byrne Hall, Room 564

Lab Website: CHOICE Lab ​​

PhD, University of Memphis, 2011
Predoctoral Clinical Internship, Medical University of South Carolina, 2010-2011
BS/BA, Spring Hill College, 2005 

Major Areas of Interest
  • Obesity Prevention
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Pediatric Psychology/Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine
  • Community-based interventions
  • Technology-supported behavioral health interventions
  • Health disparities
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Brief motivational interventions
  • Behavioral economics
Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography:
List of Work

Representative Sample of Publications
Buscemi, J., Janke, A.E., Kugler, K.C., Duffecy, J., Mielenz, T.J., St. George, S.M., & Sheinfeld Gorin, S.N. (in press). Increasing the public health impact of evidence-based interventions in behavioral medicine: new approaches and future directions. Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

McLeod, D. L., Buscemi, J., & Bohnert, A. M. (in press). Becoming American, becoming obese? A systematic review of acculturation and weight among Latino youth. Obesity Reviews.

Buscemi, J., Berlin, KS., Rybak, TM., Schiffer, LA., Kong, A., Stolley, MR., Blumstein, L., Odoms-Young, A., & Fitzgibbon, ML. (2016). Health behavior and weight changes among ethnic and racial minority preschoolers and their parents: Associations across 1 year. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 41(7), 777-85.

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