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Douglas Cellar

  • Emeritus
  • ​​​​PhD​​​       ​
  • Psychology
  • (773) 325-4263
  • ​​​Byrne Hall, Room 513B​​​       
PhD, University of Akron, 1985
MA Industrial & Organizational Psychology, University of Akron, 1982
BS Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Wayne State University, 1977

Major Areas of Interest
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Impact of cognition and personality variables on motivation and performance
  • Training
  • Employee development
Current research is focused on the influence of trait and state motivational variables as related to coping, wellbeing, and health indicators for people living with chronic illness (i.e., chronic hepatitis C; HCV). In addition to quantitative methods and analyses, qualitative methods are used to focus on gaining insight into the experience of living with HCV. Issues related to social support, support at work, employment issues and the meaning attached to work for participants in the study are of interest. Cellar is also the co-director of the Center for Community and Organization Development.

Representative Sample of Publications
Cellar, D.F., Reister, D., Fetters, R., Twitchell, E.A., & Harper, G.W. (in progress). Peresonality, ways of coping, and well-being for people living with chronic hepatitis C.

Cellar, D.F., Stuhlmacher, A.F., Young, S.K., Fisher, D.M., Twichell, E.A., Haynes, S.M., Adair, C.K., Arnold, K.M., Palmer, K., Denning, B.L., & Riester, D. (under review). Trait-like goal orientation, self-regulation, and performance: A meta-analysis.

Cellar, D.F., Harper, G.W., & Neubauer, L.C. (2009). Consulting with small community-based organizations: Insights and understandings. In J. Viola & S. McMahon (Eds.), Consulting with non-profits: All the tools you need to get started.

Stuhlmacher, A. F., Briggs, A., & Cellar, D.F. (2009). Personality, Risk, and Safety. In Gerald Matthews & Phillip Corr (Eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Personality.

Sanchez-Cesareo, M., Harper, G.W., Neubauer, L., Cellar, D., Doll, M., Robles, G., Johnson, J., Bangi, U., & Ellen, J. (2008). Building bridges between organization
development and community psychology: An integrative model for multi-site community-based research. Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 42, 1-10. Gallivan, C.M., Halpert, J.A., & Cellar, D.F. (2007). Organizational responses for preventing and stopping sexual harassment: Effective deterrents or continued endurance? Sex Roles, 56, 811-822.

Cellar, D.F., Miller, M.L., Doverspike, D.D., & Klawsky, J.D. (1996). A comparison of factor structures and criterion-related validity coefficients for personality measures based on the lexical and questionnaire five-factor models. Journal of Applied Psychology, 81, 694-704.