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T. Kyle Petersen

  • Professor; Chair, Mathematical Sciences
  • ​​​​​PhD​​​       ​​​​
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • ​Combinatorics​

  • (773) 325-1353
  • ​​​Schmitt Academic Center, Room 524​

Dr. Petersen earned his AB from Washington University in St. Louis and his PhD from Brandeis University in 2006 under the direction of Ira Gessel. He then spent three years at the University of Michigan before joining the faculty at DePaul in 2009. His research interests include all aspects of Enumerative, Algebraic, and Topological Combinatorics.

Apart from his research, Dr. has been involved with the Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning, a community that seeks to promote a more student-centered approach to teaching.

Selected Publications

  • Inquiry-based enumerative combinatorics. One, two, skip a few... ninety-nine, one hundred. Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics. Springer, Cham, 2019. xi+238 pp.
  • Computing reflection length in an affine Coxeter group
    Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 371 (2019), no. 6, 4097–4127. (with J.B. Lewis, J. McCammond, and P. Schwer)
  • Broken bricks and the pick-up sticks problem
    Math. Mag. 93 (2020), no. 3, 175–185. (with B.E. Tenner)
  • Sós Permutations
    Amer. Math. Monthly 128 (2021), no. 5, 407–422. (with S. Bockting-Conrad, Y. Kashina, and B. E. Tenner)
  • Card shuffling and P-partitions
    Discrete Math. 344 (2021), no. 8, 18pp. (with J. Fulman)