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David Sher

  • Associate Professor
  • ​PhD​​​​​​​
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Spectral Geometry
  • 773-325-4222
  • ​Schmitt Academic Center, Room 528A


​Dr. Sher earned his PhD from Stanford University in 2012. While at Stanford he was awarded the Centennial TA Award in 2011, and then the George Polya Teaching Award in 2012.

Before joining the faculty at DePaul University in 2016, Dr. Sher held a CRM-ISM Fellowship at McGill University and the Centre de Recherches Mathematiques​​ in Montreal from 2012-2013, and then an RTG Postdoctoral Assistant Professorship at the University of Michigan from 2013-2016. Dr. Sher was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 2020.

Dr. Sher's research interests are in spectral geometry, at the intersection of partial differential equations and geometric analysis.​​