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L. Cricel Molina de Mesa

  • ​​

  • Teaching Associate Professor
  • ​​​​PhD, MPH

  • Health Sciences
  • 773-325-8954
  • ​McGowan South, Room 411C

​Dr. Molina de Mesa (her students call her Dr. Molina) is a public health gerontologist with teaching and research interests in aging, immigrant health, and health disparities. She received a BS in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago, an MPH from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a PhD from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. 

Dr. Molina mentors students through the Rising STEM Scholars Program, McNair Scholars Program, and College of Science and Health Student Ambassadors Program. In her teaching, research, and mentorship, Dr. Molina is committed to improving and addressing diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion in higher education. She currently serves as the Diversity Advocate for the College of Science and Health.

At DePaul, Dr. Molina is the faculty advisor for the following student organizations: Alpha Sigma Kappa Women in Technical Studies Sorority, Doctors Without Borders, and DePaul Women's Acapella.

Courses Taught:

HLTH 200 Foundations of Health Sciences

HLTH 210 Introduction to Public Health

HLTH 310 Fundamentals of Epidemiology

HLTH 318 Health of Aging Populations

HLTH 350 Senior Capstone

HON 302 Seminar in Social Justice: Health Disparities in the United States: Is It a Matter of Life or Death?