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Mark J. Potosnak

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Classes Taught
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (ENV 101)
  • Cities and the Environment (ENV 200)
  • Earth System Science (ENV 216)
  • Global Climate Change (ENV 230)
  • Chemistry of Earth Systems (ENV 316)
Research Interests

I study interactions between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere. For one area of focus, I study how biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions from plants affect atmospheric chemistry and how climate change will impact this interaction in the future. I also employ low-cost, high-altitude balloon systems to measure the carbon dioxide exchange over agricultural regions in Illinois. Another area of interest is the use of low-cost, wearable air quality sensors for citizen science.

To see Dr. Potosnak's research, follow this link:  Potosnaklab​

Select Publications
  • Bouche, A., Beck-Winchatz, B., Potosnak, M.J., 2016. A high-altitude balloon platform for determining exchange of carbon dioxide over agricultural landscapes. Atmospheric Measurement Technology, 9: 5707-5719. 
  • Conry, P., A. Sharma, M.J. Potosnak, L.S. Leo, E. Bensman, J.J. Hellmann and H.J.S. Fernando. 2015. Chicago’s Heat Island and Climate Change: Bridging the Scales via Dynamical Downscaling. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 54: 1430–1448.
  • Potosnak, M.J., L. LestrougeonU and O. NunezU. 2014. Increasing leaf temperature reduces the suppression of isoprene emission by elevated CO2 concentration. Science of the Total Environment, 481: 352–359.
  • Potosnak, M.J., L. LeStourgeonU, S.G. Pallardy, K.P. Hosman, L. Gu, T. Karl, C. Geron and A.B. Guenther. 2014. Observed and modeled ecosystem isoprene fluxes from an oak-dominated temperate forest and the influence of drought stress. Atmospheric Environment, 84: 314–322
  • Potosnak, M.J. 2014. Commentary: Including the interactive effect of elevated CO2 concentration and leaf temperature in global models of isoprene emission. Plant, Cell & Environment, 37:1723–1726.
  • Potosnak, M.J., L. LeStourgeon, S.G. Pallardy, K.P. Hosman, L. Gu, T. Karl, C. Geron, A.B. Guenther. 2014. Observed and modeled ecosystem isoprene fluxes from an oak-dominated temperate forest and the influence of drought stress. Atmospheric Environment, 84: 314–322.
  • Unger N., K. Harper, Y. Zheng, N.Y. Kiang, I. Aleinov, A. Arneth, G. Schurgers, C. Amelynck, A. Goldstein, A. Guenther, B. Heinesch, C.N. Hewitt, T. Karl, Q. Laffineur, B. Langford, K. A. McKinney, P. Misztal, M. Potosnak, J. Rinne, S. Pressley, N. Schoon and D. Serça. 2013. Photosynthesis-dependent isoprene emission from leaf to planet in a global carbon-chemistry-climate model. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13: 10243–10269.
  • Pacifico, F., S. P. Harrison, C. D. Jones, A. Arneth, S. Sitch, G. P. Weedon, M. P. Barkley, P. I. Palmer, D. Serça, M. Potosnak, T.-M. Fu, A. Goldstein, J. Bai and G. Schurgers. 2011. Evaluation of a photosynthesis-based biogenic isoprene emission scheme in JULES and simulation of isoprene emissions under present-day climate conditions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11: 4371–4389.
  • Rastetter, E.B., M. Williams, K.L. Griffin, B.L. Kwiatkowski, G.Tomasky, M.J. Potosnak, P.C. Stoy, G.R. Shaver, M. Stieglitz, J.E. Hobbie and G.W. Kling. 2010. Processing arctic eddy-flux data using a simple carbon-exchange model embedded in the ensemble Kalman filter. Ecological Applications, 20 (5): 1285–1301.
  • Papiez, M.R., M.J. Potosnak, W.S. Goliff, A.B. Guenter, S.N. Matsunaga and W.R. Stockell. 2009. The impacts of reactive terpene emissions from plants on air quality in Las Vegas, Nevada. Atmospheric Environment, 43: 4109–4123.
  • Pegoraro, E., M.J. Potosnak, R.K. Monson, A. Rey, G. Barron-Gafford and C.B. Osmond.  2007.  The effect of elevated CO2, soil and atmospheric water deficit and seasonal phenology on leaf and ecosystem isoprene emission.  Functional Plant Biology, 34 (9): 774-784.

Professional Activities
  • ​​​Selected to be a member of the Scientific Inquiry Domain committee (2012–present)
  • Selected by the university president to be the University representative for the Udall Foundation’s national scholarship competition (2010–present)
  • ​Served as a Catholic Climate Change Ambassador for the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change (2010–present)

Professional Society Memberships
  • American Geophysical Union
  • American Meteorological Society
  • Sigma Xi