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Timothy C. Sparkes

  • Professor, Behavioral Ecology
  • ​PhD
  • Biological Sciences
  • (773) 325-4749
  • ​McGowan North, Room 236       
Classes Taught
  • Marine Biology (Bio 118)
  • General Biology (Bio 192)
  • Animal Behavior (Bio 301)
  • Student Laboratory Instruction (Bio 302)
  • Biostatistics (Bio 206)
  • Aquatic Biology (Bio 317)
  • Field Studies in Marine and Estuarine Biology (Bio 318)
  • Topics in Ecology (Bio 315/415)
  • Biology Capstone Seminar (Bio 395)
  • Introduction to Graduate Studies (Bio 495)
  • Evolution and Diversity for Teachers (SDV 422)
Research Interests

Sparkes works on behavioral ecology in several different aquatic systems. His local research focuses on behavior in the parasite-host relationship that occurs between the acanthocephalan parasite (Acanthocephalus dirus) and the intermediate host (Caecidotea intermedius). Sparkes also has ongoing projects examining factors that influence the dynamics of mating patterns in both freshwater and marine systems of North America and Europe.  

Select Publications

Wahl G, Sparkes TC (2012) Egg dispersal in the acanthocephalan Acanthocephalus dirus: field data. Journal of Parasitology 98: 894-896
Sparkes TC, Rush V, Kopp DA, Foster SA (2013) Male reproductive success in a natural population of three-spined stickleback: effects of nuptial colour, parasites and body size. Journal of Fish Biology 82: 1720-1727
Martineau C, Traphagen S, Sparkes TC (2013) A guided inquiry methodology to achieve authentic science in a large undergraduate biology course. Journal of Biological Education 47: 240-245
Caddigan SC, Barkauskas RT, Sparkes TC (2014) Intra-population variation in behavior modification by the  acanthocephalan Acanthocephalus dirus: are differences mediated by host condition? Parasitology Research – In Press