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Rima Barkauskas

  • Senior Instructor, Biology
  • ​​M.S. & M.Ed.       
  • Biological Sciences
  • ​(773) 325-1891
  • McGowan North, Room 116       
Classes Taught
  • Laboratory in Cell Biology (Bio 250)
  • Laboratory in Genetics (Bio 260)
  • Laboratory in General Biology (Bio 191 and 193)
  • Student Laboratory Instruction (Bio 302)
  • General Biology III for Science Majors (Bio 193)
Select Publications

Lucas, K., R.T. Barkauskas, S.A. Maher, B.A. Jacobs, J.E. Bauman, A.J. Henderson, and J.M. Calcagno. 2002. Longitudinal study of delayed reproductive success in a pair of white-cheeked gibbons (Hylobates leucogenys). Zoo Biology 21:413-434. 

Barkauskas, R.T., and T.C. Sparkes. 2002. Abstract from: Effects of abiotic and biotic stress on patterns of energy storage and use in two species of crustacean: Gammarus pseudolimnaeus and Caecidotea intermedius). Annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Anaheim, CA. p. 117-118.

Mills, C, R.T. Barkauskas, K. Fultz, and T.C. Sparkes. 2004. Stress-tolerance and species distributions in stream communities: A comparative study with Caecidotea intermedius (tolerant) and Gammarus pseudolimnaeus (intolerant). Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference, Notre Dame, IN.​​​​​​​​