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Dr. Suling Li

  • ​​

  • Professor, School of Nursing
  • ​​​​​PhD, APRN, FNP-BC

  • School of Nursing
  • (773) 325-7281
​​​​​Specialization and Interests
o Family Practice
o Medical Surgical Nursing
o Nursing education; scale development; exercise and bone loss

Awards and Honors
2003  New Investigator Award, Research Section of Physiological Phenomena, MNRS
2000  American Nurses Foundation Research Scholar (medal)
2000 – 2002   Suling Li (PI), Holm, K., & Zinaman, M.  Exercise and perimenopausal symptoms: A randomized trial.  NIH: NINR, Sept, 2000.  $100,000 ((NIH 1 R55 NR04946-01A1).

DePaul Affiliations
Director, School of Nursing

Professional Affiliations
o Member, NONPF
o Member, IACN Illinois Association of Colleges of Nursing

Select Publications
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