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Bridget Broderick

​Bridget earned her M.H.S. degree in Communication Disorders from Governors State University in Illinois.  She returned to study speech language pathology after years of teaching Spanish as a second language related to her M.A. degree in Spanish from University of Iowa. She has enjoyed working for years as a speech-language pathologist in Chicago with Spanish-speaking families and children in the Early Intervention program in homes and in Early Intervention centers in the city. She specialized in feeding disorders in children with premature birth, cerebral palsy and a variety of medical diagnoses.  She currently works with adults in inpatient rehabilitation and in acute care at the Sinai Health System in Chicago, with experience in neurogenic dysphagia, aphasia and cognitive communication impairments. Bridget looks forward to integrating her teaching background with her years of pediatric and adult clinical experience in dysphagia to teach and learn with students in DePaul’s Speech Language Pathology program.