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Revelio Charm: CSH Advisors Breaking Down Barriers with Harry Potter-Inspired Student Success Strategies

Conference Presentation
Pictured: Sarah Finck, Assistant Director of Academic Advising for Biological Sciences & Neuroscience; Jaimie Engle, Neuroscience Program Success Coordinator.

By Kurtis Todd

Two dedicated student support professionals from DePaul's College of Science and Health (CSH) took center stage at the 2023 Illinois Academic Advising Association (ILACADA) Annual Conference. On Friday, November 17th, at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, Sarah Finck, Assistant Director of Academic Advising for Biological Sciences and Neuroscience, and Jaimie Engle, Neuroscience Program Success Coordinator, seamlessly blended their passion for student success with the enchanting world of Harry Potter in their presentation titled, "Revelio: Student Success Barriers for Muggles and Wizards Alike."

In their engaging presentation, Finck and Engle drew parallels between the challenges faced by students at Hogwarts and those encountered by their real-world counterparts. From vanishing steps and shifting staircases to unapproachable professors and extracurricular activities with life-threatening consequences, the duo explored the myriad barriers hindering academic success in both the wizarding and muggle realms. Their overarching goal was to help students "bombarda" their obstacles and conjure up a new vision for student success.

The ILACADA Annual Conference, held each fall at different Illinois colleges or universities, serves as a gathering ground for advisors and advising administrators from across the state. As an allied member of NACADA, ILACADA is dedicated to fostering quality leadership in academic advising for the educational development of students and the professional growth of advisors. Jaimie Engle, currently serving as Communications Coordinator for ILACADA, brings valuable experience, having previously held the position of President within the organization.

The presentation not only showcased the innovative approach of blending fantasy with reality but also underscored the importance of addressing diverse challenges faced by students. By using the Revelio charm metaphorically, Finck and Engle aimed to unveil the hidden barriers to student success and inspire a collective effort to dismantle them.

"Beyond Hogwarts: Unveiling the Magic of Student Success at ILACADA 2023" not only encapsulates the essence of the presentation but also emphasizes the broader mission of ILACADA in promoting academic advising awareness as a profession. The magical journey embarked upon by Finck and Engle serves as a beacon for educators and advisors alike, encouraging them to explore creative solutions to make academic success a reality for all students, whether wizard or muggle. Congratulations to Jaimie Engle and Sarah Finck.