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Recent graduate publishes in prestigious journal

Dr. T. Kyle Petersen shares the news of former student Kiana Mittelstaedt's published article in the American Mathematical Monthly


Kiana Mittelstaedt
Kiana Mittelstaedt is a former Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP) student who worked with Dr. T. Kyle Petersen in the summer of 2018. After graduating from DePaul in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences and Finance, her USRP project turned into a paper that she solo-authored and which has recently appeared in one of the most widely read mathematics journals of all time: The American Mathematical Monthly. 

Since submitting her article for publication, Mittelstaedt has continued her education and recently received a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington.​

 Kiana Mittelstaedt acknowledges the College of Science and Health's Undergraduate Summer Research Program and advisor Dr. T. Kyle Petersen for their support and guidance. ​​

View Kiana Mittelstaedt's full article, A Stochastic Approach to Eulerian Numbers here