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Alumnus named in top 1000 inspiring Black scientists of America

DePaul Clinical-Community Psychology doctoral program alumnus, Derek Griffith, Ph.D., was named in the “Top 1000 inspiring Black scientists of America.”


Dr. Derek Griffith
Dr. Derek Griffith, Professor of Medicine, Health, & Society and Founder & Director of the Center for Research on Men's Health, Vanderbilt University, conducts research that examines how social, cultural, economic and historical factors influence health outcomes.

Dr. Griffith focuses primarily on the health of Black American men and uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop and test theories and interventions that will help improve Black American men's longevity and quality of life. In this work he examines how racism, social support, stress, and life priorities influence men's health behavior, men's health outcomes, and men's health disparities. Dr. Griffith also studies a variety of health issues that are consistent with the broad goal of eliminating health disparities that vary by race, ethnicity and gender including HIV/AIDS, infant mortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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