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Psychologist authors op-ed on the Chicago homeless

Molly Brown, Ph.D. discusses challenges associated with the “point-in-time” count of people experiencing homelessness in Chicago and across the U.S.


Dr. Molly Brown
Dr. Molly Brown, Assistant Professor of Clinical-Community Psychology in the College of Science and Health, has written an op-ed for the Chicago Tribune that explores the “point-in-time" (PIT) count used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Dr. Brown is the Director of the Homelessness Advocacy, Research, and Collaboration (HARC) Lab here at DePaul and is an expert in chronic homelessness, housing and recovery interventions, homelessness prevention, trauma-informed care, and community-based participatory research. Based on her recent observations of HUD's PIT count, she suggests that this practice be reconsidered due to several dehumanizing and dismissive factors negatively impacting the homeless population.

Read Dr. Molly Brown's op-ed: "Counting the Chicago homeless: 'I will never forget the inhumanity of that moment'" on the Chicago Tribune's  website here​. ​