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CSH Residency Requirement Waiver Request

This form is to be used by undergraduate students who are seeking to obtain a residency requirement waiver.  The residency requirements for all undergraduate degree programs at the university are stated in the Undergraduate Student Handbook. You are expected to familiarize yourself with the requirements before submitting this application.

Please follow all instructions carefully when completing this form.

Student information

Please provide your ID number, first and last names, and a valid email address that you may be contacted at. In submitting this form, it is assumed that you are a current undergraduate student in the College of Science and Health.  If you are not, you will be directed to your assigned college advisor.


Expected graduation term

Please select the term and enter the year of your expected graduation.


Rationale for wavier

Residency requirement waivers are difficult to receive and are granted only under extraordinary, compelling situations.  In the text box below, please summarize the reason(s) why you should receive a residency waiver.  You may prepare you rationale in a document editor and then cut and paste the text in the box.  Do not attach your rationale as a separate document.


Upload Transfer Credit Approval form

You are required to upload a completed Transfer Credit Approval (TCA) form that demonstrates how courses taken at an external institution will satisfy your degree requirements at DePaul. Failure to upload a completed TCA will cause your request to be denied.


Echo email addresses

This request will automatically be sent to with a copy to the email address you provided above for your records.  If you would like a copy to be sent to additional email addresses, type them in the box below, separated by semicolons.  Your attachment is only available to the CSH Exceptions committee and cannot be echoed back to you or any other email addresses you provide.