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Undergraduate Summer Research Program Application Form

Complete this form and attach supporting documents (project proposal, resume or curriculum vita, and unofficial transcript) to submit an application to the Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP). A letter of support submitted by your faculty mentor is also required.

Student information

Please provide all of the student information requested below. Only undergraduate students in DePaul's College of Science and Health may apply for funding through this program.
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Project information

Provide the title of your project.
/* IRB status */
Indicate the IRB status of the project. Provide the IRB number if the project has been approved.
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Previous USRP funding

Check this box if you previously applied to the USRP
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Check this box if you previously received funding from the USRP
/* Previous project paper submitted */
Check this box if you submitted a project paper based on your previous USRP funding
/* Previous faculty and year */
If you received USRP funding, enter the name of your previous faculty mentor and the year the award was received
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Student work status

Check this box if you will have other jobs during the USRP
/* Other work hours */
Enter the number of hours you intend to work outside the USRP
/* Current DePaul employee */
Check this box if you are a current DePaul employee
/* DePaul work area */
If you are a current DePaul employee, in which area do you work?
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Application attachments

Combine the following documents in the order listed into one PDF document and use the button below to submit it with your application:
  • Project proposal
  • Resume or curriculum vita
  • Unofficial transcript