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Faculty Summer Research Grant Program Recommendation Form

Complete and submit this form for each colleague who is applying for a Faculty Summer Research Grant in this cycle.

Applicant information

Provide the name and ID number of the applicant.
/*Faculty name */
/* Faculty ID */
Select the applicant's rank:
/* Faculty rank */
Check this box if the applicant is tenured.
/* Faculty tenured? */

Project recommendation

Based on your knowledge of the applicant (e.g., necessary background and expertise) please evaluate the likelihood that the applicant will successfully execute and complete the proposed project.
/* Likelihood of project success */
Based on your knowledge of the resources available to the applicant, please evaluate the feasibility of the proposed project.
/*Feasibility of project */
How important is this research grant for enabling the applicant to execute and complete the proposed research project?
/* Importance of FSRG */
How important is this research grant for the applicant's preofessional development and career goals?
/* Importance of FSRG to faculty development */
Please add a brief 4 to 5 sentence description of why you recommend funding this application.
/* Recommendation */
If the college was not able to fund all of the applications from your department/school, check the box below if this application should be prioritized. In the following text box, briefly state why the application should be prioritized or not?
/* Priority application? */
/* Priority rationale */

Chair/director information

Please provide your name and select the department/school you are from:
/* Chair/director name */
/* CSH unit */