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Faculty Summer Research Grant Program Application Form

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Complete this form and attach a complete project proposal document to submit an application to the Faculty Summer Research Grant (FSRG) program.

Applicant information

Provide your name, ID number, and e-mail address.

Project information

Previous Faculty Summer Research Grant program support

If you have received support from the FSRG program in the past, please check the box immediately below and provide information on up to the past three awarded projects.

First FSRG award

Second FSRG award

Third FSRG award

Internal funding sources

Previous funding sources for this project

External funding sources

Project goals

Project budget summary

For every non-zero budget line below, please provide a rationale in the budget narrative section of your the project proposal document which will be attached to this application at the bottom of this form. A rationale is not required for the faculty stipend.

Application attachments

Combine the following documents into one PDF document and use the button below to attach it to your application:

  • Project description
  • Project summary
  • Budget narrative
  • Curriculum vita