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Ale Carrera

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  • Assistant Office Manager
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  • SLP Clinic; Speech Language Pathology
  • (312) 362-8000

    • DePaul Speech & Language Clinic - 2400 N. Sheffield Avenue

​Alejandra Carrera (prefers Alé) joined DePaul Speech and Language Clinic in September 2021 as an Assistant Office Manager. Prior to joining DePaul Speech and Language Clinic, she worked as an administrative assistant and intake specialist in Greenlight Family Services, a nonprofit in Chicago.  

Alejandra has a demonstrated history in providing administrative support to families and individuals in English and Spanish. She has worked in health wellness, mental health and social services organizations.  

Alejandra enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and reading.  ​


  • ​BA in Psychology, St. Augustine College, 2019 ​