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Raul Barrea

  • Visiting Professor
  • Physics
  • 773-325-2178
  • ​Byrne Hall 104A       
​Raul has a wide variety of interest in physics research and teaching. Much of his work has focused on synchrotron radiation x-ray physics from the development of new techniques for x-ray spectroscopy to the design, construction, and installation of novel x-ray instrumentation. Most recently, his attention has been oriented to the physics classroom where the next generation of scientists and professionals are being prepared.

Dr. Barrea’s work ranges from fundamental physics (atomic parameters measurements) to applied physics in the fields of chemistry, material sciences, and biology. He has a long lasting relationship with synchrotron facilities like Argonne National Laboratory (ANL/APS) and the Brazilian National Synchrotron facility (LNLS). 

At DePaul, Raul has taught introductory algebra-based physics. DePaul has given Raul the opportunity to be fully engaged and dedicated to the classroom setting. His friendly, energetic and enthusiastic approach in class, mixed with his distinct Spanish accent, makes his lessons persuasive, interesting and entertaining. During his lectures, he goes a little further than just teaching physics by inspiring his students with quotes from famous scientists, celebrities and sometimes his own. His teaching philosophy is simple: “I don’t want my students just to learn physics; I want them to enjoy it.”

Raul received a BS and PhD in physics from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. He also spent two years (1999-2001) as a postdoctoral fellow at the Brazilian Synchrotron National Laboratory (the only synchrotron facility at the Southern hemisphere at that time).

Raul has a passion for martial arts. He holds a karate-do 2nd Dan from the Shoryn Ryu Okinawa School, Japan, and he has some background in Taekwondo and Aikido. He’s an expert in Argentinean barbecue style called “asado,” something his family and friends definitely enjoy. He’s also a writer and a tireless traveler. Raul has been married for 30 years. The Barreas have one son, two daughters and a daughter-in-law.