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Jingjing Lyu

  • Term Assistant Professor
  • PhD​
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • (773)-325-2061 (Lincoln Park), (312)-362-6631 (Loop)
  • SAC 530d (Lincoln Park); Lewis Center 1633 (Loop)

Jingjing Lyu earned her PhD in Mathematics from Clarkson University in 2018.​ She joined the faculty at DePaul University in 2019.

Jingjing’s research interests are in Biomathematics, probability, and statistics.

​Selected publications:

  • Binayak Nath, Rana D Parshad, Jingjing Lyu, Krishna pada Das. A study of Chaos and its control in a harvested tri-trophic food chain model with alternative food source and diffusion effect. Submitted to Applied Numerical Mathematics, Nov 2018.
  • Saikat Batabyal, Debaldev Jana, Jingjing Lyu, and Rana D. Parshad. Explosive predator and mutualistic preys: A comparative study. Submitted to Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, Oct 2018. An arXiv preprint is available at
  • Jingjing Lyu, Pamela Schofield, Matthew Beauregard, and Rana Parshad. A Comparison of the Trojan Y Chromosome Strategy to Harvesting Models for Eradication of Non-Native Species. Submitted to Natural Resource Modeling, Oct 2018. An arXiv preprint is available at
  • Rana Parshad, Said Kouachi, and Jingjing Lyu. Global dynamics of a PDE model for eradication of invasive species. Submitted to Advances in Difference Equations, Aug 2018.
  • Jingjing Lyu, Linda Auker, Anupam Priyadarshi, and Rana Parshad. The effects of invasive epibionts on crab-mussel communities: a theoretical approach to understand mussel population decline. Submitted to Mathematical Biosciences, under review, Jul 2018. Also available at
  • ​Ranjit Kumar Upadhyay and Swati Mishra, Rana Parshad and Jingjing Lyu, Aladeen Al Basheer. Investigation of an explosive food chain model with interference and Inhibitory effects. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 82(6), pp.1209-1237, 2017.
  • Aladeen Al Basheer, Jingjing Lyu, Adom Giffin, and Rana D. Parshad. The Destabilizing Effect of Cannibalism in a Spatially Explicit Three-Species Age Structured Predator-Prey Model. Complexity, 2017.
  • Sai Wei, Jingjing Lyu. The Assessment and Utilization on Straw Resources in the Major Production Regions of China. China Animal Industry, volume 394, p56-58, Nov 2013.