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Gregory B. Kharas

  • Professor, Organic and Polymer Chemistry
  • ​PhD
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • (773) 325-7367
  • ​McGowan-South, Room 314C       

Classes Taught
  • CHE230 (Organic Chemistry I)
  • CHE231 (Organic Chemistry I Laboratory)
  • CHE232 (Organic Chemistry II)
  • CHE233 (Organic Chemistry II Laboratory)
  • CHE234 (Organic Chemistry III)
  • CHE235 (Organic Chemistry III Laboratory)
  • CHE261 (Instrumental Analysis)
  • CHE330 (Senior Capstone: Art and Science)
  • CHE430 (Polymer Synthesis)
  • CHE431 (Polymer Synthesis Laboratory)
  • CHE432 (Physical Chemistry of Polymers)
  • CHE434 (Polymer Characterization)
  • CHE436 (Polymer Technology)
  • CHE462 (Polymeric Materials)
  • CHE480 (Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry  
  • LSP120 (Quantitative Reasoning)
Research Interests

The focus of Prof. Kharas' research is synthesis and characterization of novel organic molecules and their polymers as potential building blocks for advanced materials. The innovative feature of his research is the integration of this research into the organic chemistry laboratory curriculum, creating an inquiry-based environment for providing a large number of students with the opportunity to prepare novel compounds and polymers. The students perform individual research projects at the undergraduate level, making the instructional organic lab research projects an original and genuine discovery experience, and pursue the chance to publish research findings.

The research involves two major steps: (1) feasibility studies of synthesis and polymerization of novel compounds performed by undergraduate students during a 10-week organic chemistry laboratory course, and (2) follow-up research leading to communication via presentations and publications in peer-reviewed journals with significant number of undergraduate coauthors (91 publications in refereed journals with 780 names of DePaul students as co-authors in 1995-2014 period).

Publications and Presentations

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Chemical Society, Polymer Chemistry Division