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Elizabeth E. LeClair

  • Professor, Developmental Biology
  • ​PhD       
  • Biological Sciences
  • (773) 325-7462
  • ​McGowan North, Rooms 107-109       

Classes Taught
  • General Biology II for Science Majors (Bio 192)
  • Epidemiology (Bio 230)
  • Biostatistics (Bio 206)
  • Developmental Biology w/ Lab (Bio 330/430)
Research Interests

Developmental genetics in zebrafish; role of FGF and Wnt pathways in cartilage and bone formation, blood and lymph development, wound healing, tissue regeneration and the immune system. 

Select Publications

Figueroa, F.; Singer, S.S.; LeClair, E.E. 2015. Making maxillary barbels with a proximal-distal gradient of Wnt signals in matrix-bound mesenchymal cells. Evolution and Development 17(6): 367-379.

Binelli, E.A.; Luna, A.N.; LeClair, E.E. 2014. Anatomy and ontogeny of a novel hemodynamic organ in zebrafish. Anatomical Record 297(12): 2299-2317.

Duszynski, R.J.; Topczewski, J.; LeClair, E.E. 2013. Differential requirement for FGF signaling in zebrafish maxillary barbel and caudal fin regeneration. Development, Growth and Differentiation 55(2): 282-300.​

Professional Activities

LeClair is the principal investigator of a research lab that trains undergraduate and graduate students in molecular biology, anatomy, microscopy and histology technique. The work is supported by the DePaul University Research Council and the National Institutes of Health.

Professional Society Memberships
  • Society for Developmental Biology