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Edward Eshoo

  • ​​

  • Adjunct Faculty
  • ​M.S.

  • Biological Sciences
  • ​Microbiology

  • ​​McGowan North 111

Classes Taught
  • General Biology I for Science Majors Laboratory (BIO 191)​​
Research Interests
Ed's p​rimary interests are in the field of microbiology. As a former graduate student of Dr. Brooke, Ed's previous research has focused on the opportunistic bacterial pathogen Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. This bacterium is ubiquitous and is associated with respiratory infections in humans, particularly within the immunocompromised. Due to the inherent resistance of this bacterium to most antibiotic drugs, in addition to its ability to form bacterial films (biofilms), the treatment of S. maltophilia infections is difficult. As an alternative treatment strategy to traditional antibiotics, the use of bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria, has gained interest in the form of phage therapy. To further the development of phage therapy against S. maltophilia, Ed has studied the biological characteristic of newly isolated phages and has assessed their suitability for use in future therapies. In addition to the characterization of S. maltophilila phages, Ed is continuing to research the interactions between phages and their bacterial hosts.​