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Speech and Language Clinic

Our brand-new state-of-the-art DePaul Speech and Language Clinic was completed in July 2021.  Clients are currently being accepted now screenings and evaluations. Therapy sessions will begin in January 2022. 

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Clinic Location and Contact Information

  • ​Address: 2400 N. Sheffield Ave.Chicago, IL 60614 
  • ​Phone: (773)325-7040 
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Our Speech and Language Clinic Mission

Through its commitment to education, innovation, diversity, and equity, the DePaul University Speech and Language Clinic will provide exemplary clinical education and clinical training.  Clinical practice will be upheld with high standards and excellence through the utilization of evidenced-based practice and theoretical knowledge in the provision of services and advocacy for families and the communities served.  Grounded in the DePaul University Vincentian ethos of public service responsibility, the DePaul University Speech and Language Clinic donation-based model vows to the rightful access of services for the diverse societal, economic, and cultural community where it is centered.

About Our Clinic

Situated in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in the heart of Chicago neighborhood, students are trained to work in large urban environments with diverse clients and a range of needs.  The brand-new-state-of-the-art DePaul Speech and Language Clinic is located on DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus, with direct access to public transportation for clients and students.

The DePaul Speech and Language Clinic accepts clients from the community ranging in age from young children through adults with a variety of communication and swallowing disorders to provide speech language pathology students with a breadth of clinical experiences.  Our in-house clinic gives students the opportunity to implement various service delivery models and innovative programs based on evidence-based best practices. 

Our program provides services for all aspects of communication and swallowing: 

  • articulation / speech sound production
  • augmentative/alternative communication
  • cognition
  • fluency
  • hearing
  • language (receptive & expressive)
  • social communication
  • swallowing
  • voice & resonance

Services offered at the DePaul University Speech and Language Clinic will include 

  • prevention & screenings
  • comprehensive evaluations
  • therapy services (biweekly & weekly)

Therapy at the clinic will be offered across a continuum of care models:

  • individual sessions 
  • small specialized groups (e.g., child language, aphasia, phonology, social communication) 
  • summer camps (e.g., language camp, apraxia camp, literacy camp) 
  • specialty groups (e.g., Aphasia Recovery Group)  

Services are provided by graduate student clinicians who are supervised by faculty members, all of whom have Master's or doctoral degrees in speech-language pathology, hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and maintain a State of Illinois license in speech-language pathology.​

FREE - Donation-based Clinic

Based on our Vincentian mission, we are committed to meeting the diverse and urgent needs of our Chicago community and beyond in our efforts to provide equitable access of speech and language services to all individuals across the diverse societal, economic, and cultural communities and otherwise historically underserved.

For this reason, we provide speech and language evaluations and therapy to all individuals regardless of their ability to pay for services. 

A donation is never required to receive services. If you choose to donate, it will help us support our mission to continue to provide these needed services free of charge for individuals with communication disorders living in poverty. 

We depend on donations to help us to continue to provide these services and reduce the service delivery disparity for underserved populations. A donation of any amount helps, and all donations are tax deductible.  

What will your donation provide for an individual with a communication disorder? Here are just some of the ways in which we will use your generous donation: 

Your donation of

  • $25 will purchase a packet of test protocols for the clinic
  • $50 will provide therapy materials for a social skills group for children with autism. 
  • $100 will provide two therapy sessions for an individual with a voice disorder. 
  • $250 will provide a 2-hour comprehensive speech and language evaluation for a preschool child with delayed communication. 
  • $500 will provide 10 weekly therapy sessions for an individual who stutters. 
  • $1000 will provide bi-weekly therapy sessions for an entire quarter for an individual with aphasia (language disorder characterized by difficulty speaking, understanding, reading, and writing) as a result of a stroke. 
  • $4000 will provide bi-weekly therapy sessions for an entire year for an adolescent with a language and reading disorder.

Equitable Treatment

Students, faculty, staff, and persons served at the DePaul Speech and Language Clinic are treated in a nondiscriminatory manner that is, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, citizenship, or status as a covered veteran. The institution and program comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and executive orders pertaining thereto.​

Make a Donation

The DePaul Speech and Language Clinic appreciates gifts from friends, clients, and family members who wish to support us in reaching more clients within the community.  Your gift will ensure these clients receive the clinical services needed and improve their quality of life.

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Thank you for taking collective responsibility to improve the lives and dignity 

of those around us with communication disorders! 

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For More Information

Call (773)325-7040 or contact our Clinic Director, Dr. Treasyri Williams Wood, at