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Karen George, MS, CCC-SLP

Karen George Scholarships

The DePaul University Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Program is excited to announce the Karen George graduate master of science SLP scholarships.

The Karen George Scholarship was created to support aspiring speech language pathologists who are currently enrolled in their first year of  DePaul University's Master of Science Speech Language Pathology Program.  Candidates who will be considered for this scholarship will stand out amongst their peers and can be described as follows. The student will possesses a passion for helping children with special needs and will work to reach communities who often lack access to critical speech and language therapy services. This applicant will seek to expand the field and “family” of the work of speech language pathologists and work to impact families across religious, cultural, native language, ethnic, or socioeconomic divides. This scholarship is aligned with the vision and values of St. Vincent DePaul. This scholarship will be awarded to a student who comes from humble beginnings, who has shown grit and determination, who has already demonstrated perseverance and dedication, and who has a strong sense of purpose and calling. ​

Five $1000 Karen George Scholarships will be awarded this 2022-23 academic year.  To apply,  register at DePaul’s Scholarship Connect.  All applications close on November 18, 2022. ​

About Karen George​

Karen George is a speech-language pathologist who founded Chicago Speech Therapy in 2010. Since then, Karen’s practice has grown to over 200 employees and attracts clients from all over the Chicagoland area and beyond. 

The practice, which initially offered only speech services, has expanded to support early childhood development, including feeding, occupational, physical, and ABA therapy, as well as a therapeutic preschool and kindergarten program, CST Academy

Karen sits on the board of the Chicago Autism Project, a nonprofit that provides hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships for children with autism to receive life-changing therapy services. 

Karen has been recognized for her influence and contribution to the field, including features in The Chicago Tribune and US News & World Report. She has given talks at several prestigious universities at top hospitals. She has also been consulted by NPR and other major media outlets. In 2015, she was named Marquette University’s Young Alumna of the Year for her work with children. 

Karen has a history of supporting aspiring clinicians. Every year, in addition to hosting graduate students, her practice’s “gap year program” hires over 30 aspiring clinicians to gain experience that helps them get admitted into top speech graduate programs. Through the Most Promising Pediatric Clinician Award (MPPCA), Karen recognizes graduate school students at universities all over the Midwest. 

In 2021, after sitting on DePaul’s advisory board, Karen and DePaul collaborated to launch a scholarship for graduate students working toward a masters degree in speech pathology. 

Karen is a big believer in DePaul’s mission and offers internships and shadowing to DePaul aspiring speech students. Chicago Speech Therapy’s experienced clinicians act as guest speakers during speech courses. In addition to this, Chicago Speech Therapy committed to host DePaul graduate students for their speech practicum placements. 

Karen is a contributor and advisor to, a website that offers hundreds of therapy materials for digital download across the globe in several languages. Karen supports, which links experienced and aspiring clinicians to work together in a cross cultural setting.  

Karen has also authored or co-authored over 57 therapy-related publications for parents, such as A Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Milestones, A Parent’s Guide to Articulation, A Parent’s Guide to Speech Delay, A Parent’s Guide to Stuttering Therapy, A Parent’s Guide to Speech Sounds Development and A Parent’s Guide to Pediatric Feeding Therapy and more.

In her spare time Karen enjoys spending time with her husband Quinn and their four kids, Cole, Samantha, Brooks and Tucker. She enjoys running, biking and swimming along Chicago’s lakefront and has competed in over 25 triathlons.​

​Other Scholarships: 


​The John Consalvi Service Scholarship

​Now accepting applications for 2023! Visit the ISHA IL webpage​ to view criteria

The John Consalvi Service Scholarship awards $1000 to two students enrolled in a Speech Language Pathology or Audiology graduate program. 

Submissions will be accepted now through Friday, November 18, 2022​​


The Kristin Lynn Johnson Scholarship

Now accepting applications! Visit the Apraxia Kids webpage​ to view criteria

The Kristin Lynn Johnson Scholarship awards four $1000 scholarships to second year Speech Language Pathology graduate students who have an interest in working in pediatric speech sound disorders post-graduation. 

Kristin was a pediatric speech language pathologist who had a passion for helping children with severe speech sound disorders, including childhood apraxia of speech, who lost her life in a motor vehicle accident. In her honor, Kristin's family has partnered with Apraxia Kids to offer four scholarships for the spring 2023 semester. 

Submissions will be accepted now through Wednesday, November 30, 2022.