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Combined Degree Program (BS)

The combined degree provides environmental science/studies students with advanced knowledge of business systems and practices, focusing on environmental sustainability, to create leaders for business, government and civic organizations. For more information on the full Master of Science in Sustainable Management curriculum, go to MSSM degree requirements found within the graduate programs section of the University Catalog.

Admission Requirements

Current DePaul Environmental Science or Studies majors who meet the following criteria may apply to this program:

  • Junior standing or higher (at least 88.0 credits)
  • A minimum cumulative DePaul grade point average of 3.300

Admission to the combined program does not require the GMAT, essays, or letters of recommendation. 

Classes During Senior Year

If accepted into the combined program, students will take three graduate classes during the senior year. These three graduate classes at 12 quarter hours will count toward the bachelor’s degree - as indicated below - and toward the master's degree.

Students must apply for degree conferral in order to be eligible to graduate with either the BA in Environmental Studies or the BS in Environmental Science before matriculating into the MSSM program.

Students are limited to applying a maximum of three graduate courses as 12 quarter hours toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees. Students should note that expectations for graduate classes are typically more rigorous than for undergraduate classes. Students can choose from the following list of core MSSM courses; other options available upon consultation with the MSSM advisor.

Course Title Quarter Hours

Final Quarter of Senior Year 

During the final quarter of the bachelor’s degree, students must petition for formal admission into the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. The admission criteria are as follows:

  • Completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies or Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • A minimum cumulative DePaul grade point average of 3.300
  • A minimum grade point average for graduate courses of 3.000.  
  • Student must apply for undergraduate degree conferral of their Environmental Science or Studies program in anticipation of completing their fourth year of study.

After Senior Year 

After completion of the undergraduate degree including the three graduate courses, students take nine additional graduate classes to complete the graduate degree, for a total of twelve graduate classes. Information on the MSSM degree can be found in the graduate program degree requirements section of the University Catalog.

For an application to the combined program (at the end of your junior year) or to learn more about it, please contact the chair of the Environmental Science and Studies department.

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The combined Bachelor's + Master's degree programs allow students to complete 12 graduate credit hours while still undergraduates. These 12 graduate credit hours will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The TEACH Program combines a College of Science and Health (CSH) undergraduate Environmental Science major or some other disciplinary major with a graduate level College of Education (COE) Master of Education (MEd) Program.  Students graduate with a BS in their CSH disciplinary major and a MEd in Education with a State of Illinois Secondary Environmental Science Certification. 

Students may apply to the TEACH Program during the spring of their junior year. They must enroll in the Junior Year Experiential Learning course, TCH 320 , and meet other application criteria; these include completion of at least 16 quarter credit hours at DePaul and a 3.0 GPA.  During their senior year, students are required to complete a TEACH Program capstone course, TCH 390, and three 400-level courses that count toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Junior Year Coursework : 4 undergraduate quarter hours required

Course Title Quarter Hours
TCH 320EXPLORING TEACHING IN THE URBAN HIGH SCHOOL (fulfills undergraduate Junior Year Experiential Course requirement)4

Senior Year Coursework : 4 quarter hours required

Course Title Quarter Hours
TCH 390CAPSTONE: INTEGRATING EDUCATION & DISCIPLINARY FOUNDATIONS (fulfills undergraduate Capstone requirement; major area may require a separate Capstone course)4

Undergraduate/Graduate Double-Counted Courses: 12 undergraduate/graduate quarter hours required, grade of C or better required.

Course Title Quarter Hours

All coursework in the content area must earn a grade of C or better.

  • General Biology I
  • General Biology II
  • General Biology III
  • General Chemistry I
  • General Chemistry II
  • General Chemistry III
  • General Physics I
  • General Physics II
  • General Physics III
  • Ecology
  • Earth System Science
  • Human Impacts on the Environment
  • Environmental Rhetoric and Politics
  • Environmental Data Analysis
  • Environmental Science Seminar
  • Environmental Impact Analysis

This combined degree program of the College of Science and Health and the College of Education was collaboratively developed, and is governed and taught by faculty from these units.

The Master’s year comprises teacher-preparation coursework that culminates with student teaching during Spring quarter. Upon graduation and the fulfilling of State of Illinois licensure requirements (which may require some additional course work in the student’s major and related fields), students are eligible to be licensed to teach Environmental Science at the 6th-12th or 9th-12th grade levels. 

A full description of the TEACH Program can be found here.    Students interested in the TEACH Program should consult with the designated TEACH Program advisor in their home department.

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