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Psychiatric Services

The services of a Board-certified child psychiatrist are available for DFCS clients who have already begun work with a staff therapist. A psychiatric evaluation can be sought to (1) further clarify the diagnosis, (2) to determine the possible usefulness of medication, and (3) determine the need for hospitalization or referral to a more intensive program.

The psychiatrist is also available to consult with parents/families and staff regarding the nature and effects of psychotropic medication, possible interactions of other conditions (neurological, medical, etc.) with psychological symptoms, and the resources available for more intensive treatment (hospitalization, residential placement, day programs, etc.).

When the psychiatrist determines medication would be helpful and the family agrees to proceed, the psychiatrist can prescribe the appropriate medication or work with the family physician to get it prescribed.  If DFCS' psychiatrist prescribes medication for a child, a monthly monitoring session is required in which the psychiatrist will determine if the medication is being helpful or whether there is a need to change the medication regimen.

Psychiatric appointments are scheduled through one's family therapist, and are not offered as the sole service for clients who are not being seen in treatment at DFCS.​