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DePaul University College of Science and Health Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

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This year, DePaul University's College of Science and Health (CSH) celebrates its ten-year anniversary. On July 1, 2011, the CSH branched off from the former College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to bring together the natural sciences, mathematics, psychology and the health sciences under a single academic unit to catalyze collaborations in the classroom, laboratory and field. With a focus on innovation and discovery, and grounded in social justice and its liberal arts roots, the College of Science and Health began its journey. CSH was established with the purpose of elevating science and health teaching, strengthening research opportunities for faculty and students, and enhancing the natural collaborations between science and health faculty, staff, and students. Through its academic programs, teaching, and the scholarly work of its faculty and students, the CSH embodies and demonstrates Vincentian values.

Over the past ten years, CSH has responded to its charge by launching more than fifteen new bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs to expand access to high quality undergraduate and graduate science and health education for students from diverse backgrounds. The college engages students through active participation in research, clinics, field studies, internships and other opportunities that further prepare students for graduate studies, successful careers, and lifelong learning. CSH faculty consist of forward thinking scholars and leading researchers and mentors that are committed to providing and facilitating experiences and opportunities that ensure every student is supported in exploring and achieving their professional and career goals in the various science and health fields.

The college currently offers a robust portfolio of undergraduate and graduate academic programs that showcase innovative curricula, scientific discoveries, and health practices in fields such as, astrophysics, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, health science, mathematical sciences, neuroscience, nursing, physics, psychology, statistics, and STEM studies. As the CSH is ever evolving, the launch of graduate speech language pathology and occupational therapy programs are well on their way, and there is also tremendous progress being made in the development of civil and environmental engineering programs. CSH continues to deliver rigorous and relevant science and health education programs with more to come.

Faculty in the college conduct meaningful, groundbreaking research and engage students in all facets of the research process. Moreover, faculty have made several significant discoveries that include extinct species, forestry seeding patterns, violence, stress, obesity, and depression reduction in K-12th grade schools, diversifying higher education, reducing health disparities among underserved populations, repairing traumatic brain injury, molecular movies, health screenings, and anti-racism to name just a few.  Faculty research embodies the Vincentian mission, fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion, and promotes social justice. Faculty are dedicated to students’ academic and professional development, and their teaching is enhanced through their commitment to and engagement in innovative research.

In the CSH, students have opportunities to immediately apply their learning. Many students are selected and contribute to major projects funded by leading foundations and national public agencies. CSH undergraduate and graduate students have presented their discoveries at conferences and forums locally and across the globe and have published in prestigious academic journals in their fields. Additionally the college publishes a peer-reviewed digital undergraduate research journal, that has visitors from around the world and more than thirty-two thousand downloads.

A large part of the CSH success that relates to the ethos, “What must be done,” has been its commitment to partnering with other institutions and organizations to enhance academic portfolios and strengthen the educational experiences offered to CSH students. For example, in 2012, DePaul formed an Alliance for Health Sciences with Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS). From this partnership emerged the “Pathways Honors Program” where students have the opportunity to apply, as early as their first year at DePaul, to one of six ‘3+’ accelerated programs in allopathic medicine, pathologists’ assistant studies, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, and podiatry. More recently, the CSH joined in DePaul University’s collaboration with Sinai Chicago to address critical health inequities in Chicago.

The CSH also engages undergraduate students in several research fellowship programs, including the Dean's Undergraduate Fellowship which launched in 2014. Fellows are placed at world-class institutions in the Chicago area, such as the Field Museum, Argonne National Laboratory, and Chicago Department of Public Health, and conduct research projects with mentoring from on-site principal investigators.

It’s evident that embedded into the foundation of the CSH are many collaborative, interdisciplinary, inter-collegiate relationships that advance faculty excellence and student achievement. These relationships remain ever important to the CSH as the state of higher education continues to change at a rapid pace and in significant ways.

To mark this milestone anniversary, CSH is hosting a series of engaging activities and events around the theme, “A decade fostering leaders in science and health to positively impact the world.” This anniversary theme speaks to the many ways that current CSH students and alumni define what it means to be a CSH graduate. These activities begin in March and are free and open to the public. They will include interdisciplinary events and programs on timely issues, including an expert faculty interdisciplinary symposium “What Must be Done? Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic to Strengthen our Future”, partnerships with Chicago Public Schools, addressing health disparities in marginalized communities, exploring discoveries in mathematical research, efforts to support student success, and much more. “This year’s celebration will yield experiences that resonate with the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic through displays of discoveries and innovations inherent in the college,” says Dr. Stephanie Dance-Barnes, dean of the College of Science and Health. “The college demonstrated its ability to respond to the current moment as it always has, by developing academic programs and student support systems to address immediate, pressing needs.”

This time will provide an opportunity for reflection, connection, and projection of the purpose and vision of the college. CSH alumni are encouraged to connect with their departments and alumni from both the former LAS affiliation and the current CSH. This celebration is a chance for CSH graduates to connect with the broad and diverse community of science and health alumni, as well as an opportunity to look toward the future by engaging with prospective students who resonate with the CSH vision.

As the CSH marks its ten-year anniversary, the college also has a keen eye towards the future. The college has an ambitious strategic plan with goals that span improving student retention and inclusion with a focus on students from underrepresented backgrounds; creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff; developing new health programs; enriching and growing student and faculty research; strengthening existing graduate programs; and enhancing the reach of the STEM Center to explore new ways to prepare future STEM educators.

Please join the CSH in “Celebrating 10 Years of Discovery and Innovation.” Admission to the anniversary events is free and open to the public and separate registration is required for each event.

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