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​​Our Commitment

The Psychology department values the opportunity to fully develop our students as scholars, professionals and lifelong learners who are meaningfully engaged in the community. Our award winning faculty provides students with knowledge, skills and experiences consistent with the science and application of psychology.

What You Achieve by Studying Psychology

  • Research and critical thinking skills
  • A thorough understanding of psychology's theoretical foundations
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Highly-valued collaboration skills
  • Experiential learning
  • Internship opportunities
  • Preparation for graduate and professional programs, as well as the workforce

What You Can Expect

From teaching to scholarship, service to scientific endeavors, our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a top-tier education. You can expect:

  • Instruction from nationally recognized and award-winning faculty
  • Access to award-winning programs
  • Dedicated advising staff for academic support and career planning
  • Access to experts who will connect you with resources and opportunities within DePaul and community-based organizations
  • Supervised research experiences, including undergraduate honors projects
  • A large and diverse community of students
  • Internships in a diverse array of organizations
  • Opportunities to join the Psychology Club, PSI CHI, Peer Mentoring and more

Degree Programs Offered

DePaul offers eight undergraduate degree concentrations, which allow students to develop specialized training in psychology -- including an online degree completion program. There are two masters programs and four doctoral programs, which provide extensive experience and training in both scientific and applied careers in psychology.​