Purpose of the Program

The fieldwork experience is an integral component of the Community Psychology Concentration for Psychology majors. Students can earn course credit for fieldwork done outside the classroom and gain practical experience in psychology. This experience can also be helpful in guiding decisions regarding career and graduate school choices.
Upon graduation, Psychology majors will be entering a competitive job market or applying to graduate school. Fieldwork in Community Psychology is one way to help prepare for this transition. This 2-quarter applied experience (PSY 359) will build upon training and skills obtained in previous community courses [Community Psychology (PSY 354) and Principles of Field Research and Action (PSY 356)], as well as the other core psychology courses in this concentration (e.g., diversity courses, research methods, statistics).

Program Goals

The goals of our program are similar to those developed by the Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Internship Committee. These goals include:
  • Providing unique training in community psychology, emphasizing collaboration and change strategies to promote well-being.
  • Understanding people within their social, cultural, economic, geographic, and historical contexts.
  • Promoting health and empowerment and preventing problems in communities, groups, and individuals.
  • Providing students with knowledge and practical skills to work effectively in the community.
  • Facilitating the development of students as community advocates of social justice and empowerment.
  • Actively illustrating the relevance of academic work in applied settings.
  • Providing opportunities to apply concepts and ideas learned in community settings.
  • Enhancing students’ employability by providing them with community-based skills and work experiences.

Those students interested in the internship program apply during winter quarter of their junior year. The application deadline is Feb. 15. Download the Community Psychology Concentration Application.pdf​

A wide range of settings are available, including those which involve working in schools, rehabilitation settings, independent research institutions, and assisting in various community agencies. Working with faculty on community-based research (at DePaul or other institutions) can also serve as a fieldwork experience. During spring quarter of the Junior year, students select their fieldwork agency. Students may have an opportunity to meet some agency supervisors to learn more about the nature of the agencies and the actual internship responsibilities. Most undergraduate fieldwork experiences are unpaid.



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