Program Requirements

The MSSE Program requires 12 courses (48 credit hours) and draws upon faculty in both the College of Science and Health and the College of Education.

The first two courses (Ecology and Mathematical Methods for Teachers) are foundational and are intended to be taken early in the program. These courses explore the nature of scientific inquiry from both a historical and contemporary perspective, and they introduce key quantitative concepts and methods in science. The following nine courses, focusing on specific scientific disciplines, can be taken in any order. Reflecting increased emphasis on earth and space science in state and national science standards in the grades 6-9, this set of courses include astronomy, astrobiology, geology and planetary science, environmental science, weather and climate, in addition to the core subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology. 

A capstone course in the teaching of science specifically focusing on national and state standards for science and on the latest research in science teaching and learning concludes the program.

Admission Requirements

For admission, students must have the following:  

  • Bachelor's degree with evidence of excellent undergraduate performance.
  • A Completed Application Packet

 A Completed Application Packet includes: 

  • The online application to DePaul University's Graduate Programs. Please comply with all online requests including transcripts and send application materials directly to the office indicated. You will apply as a degree-seeking graduate student to the MSCED program in the College of Science and Health (not College of Education).
  • A MSSE Supplemental Application Form -- Please return to the office listed on the form
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended

 If your application is accepted by the program directors, you will be notified about other pertinent information, including information on available tuition assistance.  The recommended application deadline for Autumn 2013 start is August 16, 2013. 

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