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RN to MS in Nursing (MS)

Take yourself from an associate degree in Nursing to a master’s degree — earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing along the way.

DePaul’s RN to MS in Nursing degree offers an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to nursing and clinical care. Designed for registered nurses interested in completing a master’s degree, our streamlined program:

  • Efficiently increases your professional opportunities, allowing you to earn three credentials in two to three years of full-time study — a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and specialty certificate.
  • Prepares you to become a leader in your field. Our degree program provides you with the credentials, tools and expertise to become a nurse educator or a nurse administrator.
  • Is offered online to meet the needs of working professionals. All courses are offered online except for clinical requirements, which may be completed in your home community.
  • Emphasizes work in a collaborative health care system. Our innovative curriculum emphasizes interprofessional practice and collaborative care in an interactive online-learning environment — reflecting contemporary professional health education.

Earn Multiple Degrees Simultaneously

With three academic credentials, you’ll have access to immediate career mobility. Upon completion of this program, you’ll earn a:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from DePaul
  • Master of Science in Nursing from DePaul
  • Certificate of Health Professions Education or Health Administration from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS)

Both RFUMS certificates are accredited credentials. RFUMS is recognized for its forward-thinking curriculum — emphasizing interprofessional practice and collaborative care. Our partnership builds on DePaul's investment in science and health and RFUMS’ reputation for excellence, opening the door for increased professional opportunities and streamlined programming.

Flexible Times and Locations

This program is designed to accommodate working adults who have professional and family demands. By providing flexibility with a predominately online program, you have:

  • No mandatory in-class time
  • 24/7 access to instructional materials
  • The ability to continue full-time employment

Program Participants

The RN to MS in Nursing program is only available to current registered nurses who hold either an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing. Program applicants must have:

  • A current registered nursing license
  • An associate degree in Nursing

The program is designed specifically for students pursuing a master’s degree in Nursing and students interested in specializing in nursing administration or education.

Note: This Program is Not Available to Residents of Oregon​.​

Program Length

Advanced nursing courses included in the curriculum allow for accelerated degree completion. Six of your bachelor’s degree courses will be credited toward your master’s work — shortening your time to graduation by 40 percent.

The program can be completed in as little as two years full-time and three years for part-time students — including summers.

Career Outlook

You will be equipped with a wide range of skills for career advancement and flexibility. Of recent DePaul Nursing graduate students, 85 percent were employed within six months of graduation; and 88 percent had new or better jobs. The RN to MS in Nursing program will qualify you for employment in these settings:

  • Acute care
  • Magnet hospital
  • Clinical
  • Community
  • Academic settings

See more information in the School of Nursing​.